Once every month we practice Kyusho. Signing up for Kyusho alone is possible as well.


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Kyusho Jitsu Training

18:00 - 20:00

Gym 41. Elementary School

Hauptmannstr. 15

01139 Dresden


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Kyusho? What is that?

Kyusho is no independent martial art but once was a part of Karate during the era of Okinawa-te. It concerns itself with energy cycles inside and around the human body and its trigger points. To be able to transfer energy into these points you need a considerable amount of knowledge about their positions and their activation style (pressing, hitting and/or rubbing). I doing so Kyusho uses the acupuncture system of the Asian medicine.

The techniques of Kyusho are one of a kind and need special attention and practice.

The purposes of Kyusho are self defense, healing, better self knowledge and better understanding of the human energy cycles.

The techniques, as well as the knowledge about the triggerpoints can be translated to and intergrated into every martial art without any problems.