Over the years we developed a pretty distinct way of training ...


We realized that no human can be trained the same way as another. Standardized training formulas are the death for every progress in the advanced area of a martial art.

That is why we decided to support everyones ideas on how to fight as good as we can. Based on the observation of every one during the training we design the classes in a way, that everyone has the possibility to work on their strengths and weaknesses.


Of course intensive training of techniques and general fitness cannot be relinquished ... these two and an unshakeable motivation are the basis for a healthy and effective training.


Our trainers look back on a big load of experiences and even though the training is always hard, the training athmosphere is motivating and relaxed at all times.


Two of our trainers are fluent in English and are capable of giving classes in English.


We like to train with everybody older than 14 years and we are also very happy about newcomers from different martial arts.


Three times training is for free and the first month in the contract is free as well, so just come around and try it out :)