Kihon terms the elementary education of the Karate Do. Here it is tought how single techniques and stances are performed correctly. Body and mind are trained to work as a unit. The elementary education is necessary to understand the lines of power in Karate and builds the base frame for every advance as individual.



The Kata is a flow of techniques packaged as an imaginary fight against multiple enemies. Thereby focus and perfection of single techniques, as well as their synergy in combination are practiced in a state of peak ease of mind and concentration.


Full contact:

It has turned out that no-contact training compromises the feeling for distance and striking movement as well as striking accuracy. That is why full contact training is an important part of our classes, which also serves the purpose of not loosing sight of reality. Groundfighting is addressed in full contact training as well.


Light contact:

Light contact training is neccessary to train the speed and the agility of the body as well as balance, intuition and the eye, so that stiffness and pressure can be removed completely out of a fighting situation at pleasure.



For some techniques of Karate you need extremely hard and painless bodyparts. Especialy torso, arms and legs should be conditioned well. This is accomplished through strikes and kicks to your body by your training partner and through strikes and kicks against hard objects. In doing so the bone substance is restructured and thereby condensed, which prevents the bone from breaking. Muscles are „hardened“ as well. Thereby the tissue is condensed very seldomly, but the tension of the muscles at the conditioned bodyparts is so high, that behind lieing nerval centres or organs are not or only slightly affected by the incoming power. Additionally uncontrolled reactions to pain are prevented while the body is getting accustomed to the pain.



To train Karate effectively one needs a healthy and strong muscular system. With different endurance, stretching and power workouts the muscular system is made smooth and resilient to grant maximum flexibility and optimal execution of techniques in realistic applications.


Weapon training:

We are familiar with Bo, Bokken and Tonfa. The training is thereby devided into the usage and the defense against those weapons. During self defense classes we also address defense against knife and pistol.



Here learned training content is tested and applied under realistic circumstances. Wearing everyday clothing and in everyday places we train de-escalation and intuitive reaction. Full contact training in everyday clothing is also a part of this topic as an example for extreme situations.